Welcome Aboard The Miss Toronto

Choose From The Many Menu's To Enjoy While On Miss Toronto

Toronto Cruise Drinks Menu

We pride ourselves in serving the 'COLDEST BEER ON THE PLANET' There is nothing more enjoyable than an ice cold beer being enjoyed on the deck of a private yacht in the sunshine period. We also have a great selection of wines and spirits. They will all be served to you with courtesy and a big smile. We can also make up a specialty drink just for your event.

Toronto Cruise Summer Breeze Menu

This selection is the most popular for business cruises. It is served on white china with silverware. Our guests have enjoyed this menu for over twenty five years. The meat is cooked in front of your eyes on our gigantic stainless steel, charcoal burning bbq mounted on the stern.

Toronto Cruise Chicken And Ribs Menu

Finger lickin great friggen chicken was comment from one guest. Our Colombian chef makes the bbq sauce from scratch from the recipe that has been in his family for years. The chicken and ribs are marinated for twenty four hours before they are brought on board and cooked.

Toronto Cruise N BBQ Menu

Check out this page for our famous 'Toronto Islands BBQ' at only $27.95 pp. The greatest deal in the harbour!!!!

Toronto Cruise Platter Menu

Don't want to order a full dinner? You can still feed your guests with one of our platters. Serving between 20-25 people, this is an excellent way of providing quality food and a great selection.

Toronto Cruise Pizza, Wings & Subs Menu

In the mood for something light or finger foods? We have added this option and it has been very popular with business and social clients alike. If you don't see it here on the menu let us know and we will have our chef give you a quote.

Toronto Cruise Reception Trays Menu

Pick from small, medium and large sized reception trays. This could be your main selection or an add on to compliment a full dinner. We are able to prepare pretty much everything you can think of so if you don't see it here, please inquire.

Toronto Wedding Cruise Menu

After the nuptials, the main most memorable aspect of your Wedding Day, will be your wedding meal! Our chefs pull out all of the stops here. Let us blow your guests away with a presentation of food that will have eyeballs popping, mouths watering and stomachs growling. If you wish to have something special added to the menu please ask. We will do whatever it takes to ensure your complete 100% satisfaction.