Our Top Five

The Top Experiences To Enjoy While Cruising Aboard Miss Toronto!


As reported by our barkeeps

  1. CORONA, hands down the number one selling beer on the Miss Toronto. Unlike other cruise boats we only serve Corona 'out of the ice in the bottle with a freshly cut slice of lime'. The way it is supposed to served and enjoyed.
  2. MOLSON CANADIAN, a great domestic beer, again served right out of the ice. YOU WILL NEVER BE SERVED A WARM BEER ONBOARD THE MISS TORONTO. (The bartender would be walking the plank, or being keelhauled within minutes of his/her poor judgment)
  3. KEITHS, another import, drank in large amounts by all age groups.
  5. BUD LITE LIME. Yep.

We also will stock anything that you want. If someone in your group still drinks Molson Golden, we will turn over rocks trying to find some. NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT TO US THAN YOUR ENJOYMENT WHILE YOU ARE OUT ON THE BRINE!

Mixed Drinks

As our LCBO invoices indicate since 2004

  1. RUM AND COKE, served with Fleur de Cana rum imported from Nicaragua. (the only ship in Toronto Harbour savvy enough to carry this fine spirit) This rum wins every competition that it enters and goes down as smooth as silk. Served over ice, with a generous squeeze of lime, (from the lime itself) and topped off with a splash of Coca Cola is the drink of choice for mariners the world over.
  2. The JAGERBOMB. A crowd fav, especially if you are under 30. Served fast, strong and hard by the pros at the bar on Miss Toronto.
  3. MEXICAN TEQUILA, Four brands of Tequila are available on the Miss Toronto. We serve two cold and two warm with lime and salt. This year we have shot glasses made of ice to enhance your shooting pleasure.
  4. SEX ON THE BEACH, Or as we have renamed the drink, Sex on the Boat. Mixed strong and delivered fast.but not too fast. This drink is right up on the top of the list of sex related named drinks, and since we are a family business
  5. ICE N VODKA, a short squeeze of lime, unsweetened Cranberry juice and a splash of soda is still one of the most refreshing summertime drinks out there. Afternoon corporate events or nighttime parties, this drink has been popular with all age groups.

On board the Miss Toronto we take your drinks seriously! If we don't know how to make it, tell us. If we don't make it right, you don't pay for it. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum we all look forward to welcoming you aboard!


As requested by our clients since the year 2000

Welcome platters
  1. Imported and Domestic Cheese Platter
    Premium cheese from around the world. Tangy, creamy, rich and dry, goes wonderful with a chilled glass of our Chardonnay. Served with cocktail rounds and gourmet crackers. Serves 25.
  2. Fresh Fruit, Melon and Berries Tray
    Only the freshest locally grown and harvested fruit and berries will show up on this platter. Mouth watering, bite sized pieces of juicy fruit served with a tangy, summertime dip. Serves 25.
  3. Plates
  4. Mexican Platter
    Ola senor. Homemade guacamole and salsa served with warmed taco chips. Serves 20.
    Yes of course we can get you pizza! You have your choice of, Basic Cheese, Pepperoni, Vegetarian or THE WORKS
    A menu that we have been supplying in the past few years, we offer a variety of Basic, Veggie, Assorted and a MEATLOVERS subs.

Experience yourself the many top's that a Miss Toronto Boat cruise can offer!

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